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How it works


With Stampii, you can take your card to any participating Stampii store to get a stamp. The card belongs to you (our awesome Stampii user) and can be used across the entire Stampii network. Now you don’t have to keep a different card for every business loyalty program you are a part of.
Who needs more cards in their wallet? Not Stampii users!
Stampii is the one card to rule them all.

No More Cards!?

Sitting on bulky wallets are so uncomfortable! We believe that we can still do better, while keeping things simple and convenient.
So for the more smartphone savvy Stampii users, we created the Stampii App. Stampii app is iOS Passbook and Android compatible. It is FREE, so you never have to carry a single card ever again!

Leave An Impression & Earn Stamps

With your Stampii card or app, just rock up to a participating store on the Stampii network and tap the Stampii tablet. The front facing camera will then turn on. Resist the urge for a ‘selfie pic’ at this stage, but instead place your Stampii card with the code in view of the viewfinder. The Stampii tablet will identify it is you very quickly and will reward you with some stamps from that venue!

Amazing Rewards & Experiences

Buying 9 coffees and getting the next cup free is a pretty cool reward... but you know what else is cool? How about buying 20 coffees and learning how to make the coffee from the barista themself?
Or a set of personalized cutlery set aside just for you whenever you return? At Stampii the rewards are only limited by the venue’s imagination. Accumulate sufficient stamps and you could be on your way to claiming a date with one of the girls over the counter!
It is uber simple, fun and highly rewarding. So get stampiing!